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Welcome to the Project Passion Space! Below you will find everything you need to assist you in creating infinite possibilities...

We will be creating a Passion Portfolio...a place and space to curate and organize our Passion Projects. 

This first creation will be very special as it will hold the energy of what we desire moving forward. It is a mix of vision board, allowing our Inner Child to roam free reminding us of long forgotten magic, Heart Whispers, Miracles, Abundant Dreams, and Reminding ourselves WHO we really are at a Soul Level! 

Over the next week, begin collecting newspapers, magazines, or any other objects that you can clip words or inspirational quotes from...These will represent what you desire moving forward, so be thoughtful of the energy of the words that will be used to infuse your movement forward. 

You will also need whatever calls out to you for spicing up your folder...Paint, markers, crayons, colored pencils, glitter, stickers...What is important is that you have something to create a likeness of yourself.

You will also need a folder of some kind...Large enough to put your future creations in. You could also use a large piece of paper folded in half.

Below are two pictures for an example...

Please do not worry about your artistic abilities...THIS is for Soul Connection, Inner Child Connection, and to remind yourself of the importance of your dreams and passion...It is not a Picasso to hang in a Museum.

 It is SoulFull, Unique, and Private.

How to Draw Faces Tutorial 

This video will guide you through the easy process of drawing YOU for your AutoArt Portfolio

Let's add to our AutoArt Portfolio, This Week's Passion Project...

This week, we will support releasing Ancestral/Akashic Karmic recycling by getting our hands dirty...with paint!

This process is simple...finger paint whatever arises when you look at unhealthy family patterns. 

  • What colors do you feel will balance out any unhealthy patterns family patterns you may be feeling arise when your awareness is placed upon them?
  • What part of your body becomes constricted?
  • What imagery arises mentally?
Allow your hands to paint whatever arises...make it relaxing and fun. 


Let's add to our AutoArt Portfolio, This Week's Passion Project...

This week, Let's make a Vision Board for 2021! It will help us maintain focus over the next few months...

Make sure that it contains short term goals you would like to create over the next year. 

You could even separate your board into 4 sections...your short term goals for each quarter. Each quarter's goals could build up into the next quarters goals to make them easier to visualize and action.

If you want to make a more long term board, you could also make a Dream Board that contains life long goals.

Feel into what inspires you the most and what will stoke your inner fires of desire to keep you motivated.   

Let's add to our AutoArt Portfolio, This Week's Passion Project...

This week, It is imperative that we maintain focus on creating MORE Joy & Bliss...

EVERY morning I highly recommend starting your day by moving your body to the MI frequency...528 Hz!

You can go to 528 Radio and jam out to your favorite station to get you pumped for the day! Starting the day out in a frequency of miracles opens you to creating more miracles, each and every day! 

After, make it a point to honor your Purpose, Passion, and Bliss throughout the day...even in micro-doses