Chameice created Club Thrive for a complete Energy Management Membership to accelerate your dreams. It offers daily, weekly, and monthly energy boosts so your energy is running optimally for accelerated manifesting.

Club Thrive combines ancient spiritual & energetic principles into actionable practices transforming you into the alchemist of infinite creation possibilities.

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As a member of the Thrive tribe:

  • You will receive daily energy clearing & boosts remotely from Chameice
  • You will receive weekly Energy Reports, that are channeled by Chameice, that explain how current planetary energies are moving and influencing your divine soul journey
  • You will receive MP3s that accelerate your soul’s evolution into True Sight of Self
  • Have support, direction, and encouragement along your journey from Chameice and other Thrive Tribe members in our private group
  • You will understand how cosmic & collective energies influence our emotions, our choices, our focus, and our energy
  • You will learn how to shadow walk through your sub & unconscious mind so you will no longer be influenced by programs & agreements that interfere with your ability to create consistently
  • You will have access to live videos to ask questions
  • You will have access to Chameice’s twenty years of experience navigating the realms of shadow and light


Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.



Per Month

Yearly & Lifetime Memberships also Available

Monthly Cosmic Blessings Energy Recording

New Moon Live Zoom with Q&A

Weekly Cosmic Blessing Energy Reports

Chameice's Golden Web of Rejuvenation list

Thrive Tribe Private Facebook Group




Per Month

Yearly & Lifetime Memberships also Available

Includes everything in the first levels PLUS

THRIVE Archive where you will access 100’s of MP3s & Energy Recordings

Grounding & High Vibe MP3s (Usually $22.22)

Energy Management MP3 Package (Usually $108)

Release From False Light Attachments MP3 Package (Usually $108)

Abundance Codes MP3 Package (Usually $108)




Per Month

Yearly Memberships also Available

Includes everything in the previous levels PLUS

A 30 minute Mentorship Session with Chameice Monthly

Your questions move to the front of the line during calls


Browse our services below

Monthly Cosmic Blessings Energy Recording

These monthly energy updates keep you in the know about important monthly gateways and high energy periods that have a likelihood of triggering a purge of old cellular and energetic debris. Knowing what to expect monthly will assist you in staying in your power by using the energetic tools infused into this call so you can ride the wave of high energy into what you desire to create more of instead of being sucked into the release of the past.

New Moon Live Zoom with Q&A

During this monthly Live Group Call Chameice guides you through creating a powerful New Moon Manifesting Practice. Chameice performs her New Moon Manifesting ritual Live during the call to give you insight and ideas. Q&A at the end of the New Moon Ritual

Weekly Cosmic Blessing Energy Reports

These weekly energy reports keep you in the know about powerful energy periods. These might include high periods of purge that you need to know about to support yourself through them, high periods of gateways or downloads so you can stay open to receiving, etc.


Chameice's Golden Web of Rejuvenation list

Most people never see the results they desire simply because they do not clear, balance, and boost their energy daily with proper energy management. Busy schedules are often the culprit to lack of consistency, so as a member of Club Thrive you are added to Chameice's Golden Web of Rejuvenation list...when she clears, balances, and boosts her energy daily everyone in the club receives ALL of it too.

Our Services

Browse our services below

Thrive Archive

Access to our THRIVE Archive where you will access 100’s of MP3s and Energy Recordings

Intuitive Alchemy Mentorship Sessions

Removing ALL programs, balancing the multifaceted nature of the mind, body, spirit, doing shadow journeys to truly become multidimensional and sovereign is imperative to the authentic soul integration and ascension process.

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Who is Thrive Tribe?

Men & Women just like you.

​​​​​​​People from every walk of life that are on a truth seeking journey.

People that hear the call to walk in harmony with Gaia, to share their divine gifts with the world, to discover exactly who they were before the world to them who to be, that desire to activate their original divine blueprint of sovereignty and share that divine wisdom with others! We are a tribe of Masters and beginners, CEOs, actors, artists, stay at home moms...every path imaginable. We are diverse, loving, and ready to shine.

 Club Thrive 3 Month Free Subscription Bonus via Telesummit Packages

Please be sure that both the 'sign up now' and the 'payment information' sections are filled out completely. If they are not filled out completely the coupon code will show 'invalid.' Then check 'Guide Monthly' level in the 'Product Information' section. Please ONLY check one (1) under "qty.' The coupon code automatically generates 3 months free when used. 

You will not be charged until your fourth (4) month on the same day that you originally signed up. (example: If you join on February 11th your billing date will begin on June 11th). Please cancel BEFORE your fourth month billing date to ensure you are not billed starting your fourth month.  

Bonus offer of 3 months Free Club Thrive is only redeemable ONCE (1) per year! Please note that if you buy more than one package with the Bonus offer of 3 months free Club Thrive you will only be eligible to redeem your code ONCE per year!

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